Past Games Developed and Published

The Knightstar Games team has been involved with and contributed to the development and publishing of over 40 games over the last two decades with the following organizations.

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Games Developed and Published at Activision

  • /> Kung Fu Panda

    Launch Date: 1992
    Genre: Action
    Gameplay: Fighting / Platformer
  • Spider-Man 3

    Launch Date: 2005 <
    Genre: Action
    Gameplay: Action / Fighting
  • Tony Hawk's Motion

    Launch Date: 1993
    Genre: Action / Sports
    Gameplay: Platormer / Puzzler
  • Guiter Hero DS Series

    Launch Date: 2008-2009
    Genre: Action / Simulation
    Gameplay: Music / Rhythm
  • Guitar Hero Series

    Launch Date: 2008-2009
    Genre: Action / Simulation
    Gameplay: Music / Rhythm

Development Data

Production Lead for the Guitar Hero handheld franchises; Production Lead for the Nintendo DS platform on new technologies and primary licensed franchises. Primary overall responsibilities include the supervision of the production of all Nintendo and hand-held SKUs while supporting the Sony and Microsoft SKUs. Additional responsibilities include scheduling, staffing, tracking development, providing game feedback, ensuring deliverables are met on time, and reporting progress to executive management. Additional responsibilities include project relations and team management with all departments outside the Production team, including Marketing / PR, QA, and Licensing.

Game Titles

Spider-man 3 – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / Wii
Spider-man 3 – Gameboy Color / Nintendo DS
Kung Fu Panda – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / Wii
Kung Fu Panda – Gameboy Color / Nintendo DS
Guitar Hero On Tour - Nintendo DS
Guitar Hero Decades - Nintendo DS
Guitar Hero Modern Hits - Nintendo DS
Guitar Hero World Tour – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / Wii
Guitar Hero World Tour – Mobile
Guitar Hero 5 – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / Wii
Band Hero – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / Wii
Band Hero - Nintendo DS
Tony Hawk's Motion - Nintendo DS