Past Games Developed and Published

The Knightstar Games team has been involved with and contributed to the development and publishing of over 40 games over the last two decades with the following organizations.

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Games Developed and Published at BirdStreets Entertainment

  • Breakfast Buffalo

    Launch Date: 2015
    Genre: Action / Arcade
    Gameplay: Arcade / Time Management
  • NovaWing

    Launch Date: 2016
    Genre: Action / Arcade
    Gameplay: Arcade / Shooter
  • Rally Jump Racer

    Launch Date: 2016
    Genre: Action / Arcade
    Gameplay: Arcade / Driving
  • Santaville Snowsled Surfer

    Launch Date: 2016
    Genre: Action
    Gameplay: Arcade / Platformer

Development Data

Co-Founder of a small independent studio focused on developing games and digital toys for both clients and internal publishing. Directly responsible for all budgets, scheduling, contractual agreements, and overseeing the Design and Development of all projects in production. Secondary goals include providing development and production support and consultation to external clientele.

Game Titles

Breakfast Buffalo - iOS
Novawing - iOS
Rally Jump Racer - iOS
Santaville Snowsled Surfer - iOS