Past Games Developed and Published

The Knightstar Games team has been involved with and contributed to the development and publishing of over 40 games over the last two decades with the following organizations.

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Games Developed and Published at THQ

  • /> UFC Personal Trainer

    Launch Date: 7/12/2011
    Genre: Sports
    Gameplay: Martial Arts / Fitness
  • UFC Undisputerd 2010 iOS

    Launch Date: 11/18/2010
    Genre: Sports
    Gameplay: Fighting

Development Data

Production Lead for all UFC franchise extension projects. Projects included the UFC iOS title, the UFC Undisputed Sony Home site, and the direct project and team management of the UFC Personal Trainer title, developed for the Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect systems. Contrbuted to the development, testing, and design of several peripherals, including the various leg straps for the PS Move and Nintendo Wii controllers for the UFC Personal Trainer SKU. Additional responsibilities include interaction and coordination with Marketing, PR, QA, first-parties, and Licensors involved with the UFC franchise.

Game Titles

UFC Personal Trainer – Wii, PS3 Move, Xbox Kinect
UFC Undisputed 2010 – iOS