We make Games that are Fun to play.

    KnightStar Games is the Development division of KnightStar Enterprises.

    We have extensive experience working with the
    latest Video Game Systems and have contributed
    in the development and launching of over 30
    software titles, with several selling over
    1-million units.
    Getting the job done right on time and on budget.

    Let KnightStar Enterprises tackle your projects
    to ensure things get done to the highest level of excellence.

    We are versed in Agile, SCRUM, and Cascade
    management techniques and will use the best
    tools to manage your resources to their most
    efficient quality standard.
    Innovation that recognizes the bottom line.

    KnightStar Enterprises has experience creating
    some of the most innovative advancements to
    existing hardware designs.

    We've developed for product franchises such
    as Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and the UFC Fitness line of products.
Welcome to KnightStar Enterprises

KnightStar Enterprises is a privately held consulting firm that provides technical and entertainment services both on-site as well as over the internet. Areas of expertise include basic technical and PC-based consultation, Entertainment Software Design, Project Management, and the acquisition and sales of specialty equipment and merchandise. We offer broad-based solutions at competitve rates and have access to varied resources to keep costs down and quality high. We focus primarily on Software Development, Project Management, and Product Development - including the creation of new hardware and technologies.

KnightStar Games, a subsidiery of KnightStar Enterprises, is an internal game and app development team that specializes on the creation of exciting original intellectual properties and entertainment content for all mediums and for all ages. A secondary role of KnightStar Games focuses on providing Development Support and Management Tools for existing organizations in the Entertainment Industry.

Latest News

Summer 2021

New Games in the Mix

KnightStar Games is working on several new prototypes for games to be released in the coming months.

Summer 2021

Product Review

KnightStar Enterprises has been working with 4k Video Downloader in evaluating new games and products on the market. Incredible software that free to try and invaluable for capturing game and audio footage. We've used it exclusively to capture and review both gameplay footage as well as developer reviews to assess competition. This a a definite must for today's Independent Development Studio.