KnightStar Games is subsidiary of KnightStar Enterprises and specializes on the creation of exciting original content for all mediums and all ages. A secondary role of KnightStar Games focuses on providing Development Support and Management Tools for the Entertainment Industry.


Video Games and Electronic Entertainment is now one of the most lucrative and popular entertainment mediums in history, with revenue streams in the billions of Dollars. Rising costs and increases in risk to develop new and innovative games has made the industry challenging if not impossible for smaller developers. 

Beyond original content creation, KnightStar Games provides Development Support and Management Tools to aid in the development of game ventures.

Games Developed and Published by KnightStar Games

KnightStar Games has published several games and apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Please check out the Apple iTunes store, Google Play store, and Amazon stores for some of our recent releases! Click the images below to directly access these games on the iTunes marketplace.

Nebula-9 Warp Racer – iOS 
SkipRay Rally Racer VR
– iOS 
Moon Star Assault Runner - iOS 
Balloony Breakout! – iOS  / Android 
Johnny’s Trash Day – iOS / Android 
Trash Day 2: Garbage Runner – iOS / Android  
Titan Prime – iOS / Android  
Science Match: Animals – iPad  
Science Match: Bugs – iPad 
Science Match: Space – iPad 

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